Keepsake Cidery


What We Make



Local dessert apples and crab apples fermented with native yeasts. Aged 7 months in stainless tanks then bottled and conditioned with residual sugars for natural bubble.We taste sour tropical fruit, wildflowers, and a bit of wood. WILD is our zippy, full spirited cider. bright eyed and bushy tailed!


Organic Wild

A bright yet earthy, slightly tannic cider made with wild yeasts and a unique blend of local organic apples. Pressed, Aged,  and Bottle Conditioned on the farm.


Orchard Reserve

Blend of heritage and esteemed local apples : Arkansas black, idared, keepsake, chestnut, sweet 16, and more for a special reserve cider.  Tastes of apples, pears, black tea, and limestone.


Chestnut Single Varietal Wild

Hints of toffee, rose, leather, medium body. Think of the perfect cider for weathering a storm at a pub on the Scotland. Wild yeast and the unique Chestnut Crab apples from one Minnesota orchard, Plum crazy.


Wood & spirits

Dry to off dry(Depending on batch) cider aged 12 months with part of the year on whiskey staves from our friends at Loon Liquors. Fermented with French white wine yeast.  (After 2018- no pitched yeast- Native yeast only) Rich, with an undercurrent of whiskey and oak, this cider rewards the bold and adventurous.


Sunset Medium

Blend of MN dessert apples aged for a year in stainless steel, two and half months on black currants and aronia berries then another month on Frontenac and Marquette grapes, all  grown a short walk from the cidery.  Sweetness comes from blending with ciders withe residual sugars. Charmat Method bubble.



Medium style cider from diverse blend of local apples fermented with French white wine yeast (bottlings 2017 and before.2018 and beyond, no pitched yeast) and back sweetened with our cider after aging 8 months in stainless tanks. Carbonated and pasteurized for stability. We taste stone fruit, honey, and apples! Woodskeep is our crowd favorite, complex but not intimidating.


Aged on Wood

Dry cider aged for 8 months in stainless and three of those months on different woods – examples include toasted cherry, maple, oak. Bottlings 2018 and before- Fermented with French white wine yeast. (After 2018- no pitched yeast- Native yeast only). Bottle conditioned. Classic cider with a high acidity and background wood notes. This is a New World dry cider, perfect with food of all types, especially barbecue.