What We Make


Local dessert apples and crab apples fermented with native yeasts. Aged 7 months in stainless tanks then bottled and conditioned with residual sugars for natural bubble.We taste sour tropical fruit, wildflowers, and a bit of wood. WILD is our zippy, full spirited cider. bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Organic Wild

A bright yet earthy, slightly tannic cider made with wild yeasts and a unique blend of local organic apples. Pressed, Aged,  and Bottle Conditioned on the farm.

Orchard Reserve

Our Orchard Reserve blend highlights tropical fruit acidity paired with soft background tannins. This cider is fruit forward and bubbly. The majority of the blend consists of apples like Golden Russet, Grimes Golden,Arkansas Black, Gold Rush, Keepsake,  Chestnut and blend them with a low percentage of bittersweet apples like Dabinet and Ellis Bitter. Currently, we have a tangy medium blend bottled with the Charmat Method and a vivacious dry version bottled Pétillant Naturel.

Chestnut Single Varietal Wild

Hints of toffee, rose, leather, medium body. Think of the perfect cider for weathering a storm at a pub on the Scotland. Wild yeast and the unique Chestnut Crab apples from one Minnesota orchard, Plum crazy.

Wood & spirits

Available in both dry and medium styles. This is a dessert apple blend aged on whiskey staves from our friends at Loon Liquors. The dry version from 2016 an s 2017 harvest is a mixed culture ferment with French white wine yeast and our native yeast. The medium version is fermented with native yeast only.
Rich fruit and floral notes abound with an undercurrent of whiskey and oak, this cider rewards the bold and adventurous.

Sunset Medium

Blend of MN dessert apples aged for a year in stainless steel, two and half months on black currants and aronia berries then another month on Frontenac and Marquette grapes, all  grown a short walk from the cidery.  Sweetness comes from blending with ciders withe residual sugars. Charmat Method bubble.

Wild Medium

Medium style cider from diverse blend of local apples fermented with native yeast and bubbled with Charmat Method.  We taste stone fruit, honey, and apples! Medium is our crowd favorite, complex but not intimidating. The current offering is an organic version exclusively from our orchard. Estate cider.

Aged on Wood and Barrel Aged

Available in Medium or Dry, this blend is either aged on oak (before 2020 or aged in barrels. The apples used tend to be heirloom and in some cases, bittersweet fruit, Classic cider with a high acidity and background wood notes, perfect with food of all types, especially barbecue.

River Valley Reserve

River Valley Reserve celebrates our orchard and the river valleys from which most of our apples are grown. This blend will be high percentage of bittersweet apples like Chisel Jersey, Tremletts Bitter, and Dabinet blended with MN classic like Chestnut, Keepsake and Sweet 16. This blend  brings  leather, smoke, adn black tea tannins together with a pleasant stone fruit acidity. Currently we have a dry and medium version. Dry RVR is pétillant naturel. Medium RVR is Charmat method.