We grow lots of apples.
Using only distinct local varieties.
We went entirely to spontaneous fermention in 2018.
Which means each Keepsake Cider reflects  the season and the farm.
Our cider is about relationships
both to people and the land.
We believe in simplicity and attentive choices in the orchard and cidery. Local fruit; place; and time are the ingredients. We put our hearts into crafting a Keepsake cider.

Apple Trees







Est. 2014


Learn how the apples are grown and the cider is made

A lot of thought goes into sourcing and growing our apples.  Nate can be found ranging between technical and philosophical.  This is an art from start to finish and there’s something new to learn every time you visit. 


Draft and bottled cider at the source

Come to the tasting room and try our full line of ciders, including special batches only available at the cidery. Ciders will range from medium sweetnes to bone dry, from tannic apple to sour cherry, from sparkling to still. Each has its own voice and story- All from local fruit, unfiltered, and ready to enjoy!



There’s all kinds of local fare to nibble or devour.  Imagine if each of your neighbors raised and grew a different savory treat. They pack up the freshest of their cheese, vegetables, and pastries to cart over to a cozy parlor every day. At the cidery, one of us will lovingly combine all these local ingredients into scrumptious toasties, soups, and more.


Our Cider Club is a throwback to our days working on Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms. 

You support us financially during the growing and pressing season and then reap the benefits

Members are integral in the success of our small family business crafting natural Ciders. We have members that have been with us from the start and have become part of our Keepsake Family!


We are a family owned cidery, orchard, and tasting room.

Our aim is to produce delicious; high quality cider from simple ingredients and time honored methods.


Farmer, cider maker, and janitor.  While living in upstate New York as a boy, his first successful business involved selling apples from a neighbor’s tree. He made over three dollars in one day, not bad for a farmer! Maybe it was this wild success that planted the orchard seed in his heart. As he grew older, he dreamed of starting an orchard and a farm brewery. After enjoying ciders from around the world, he decided to combine dreams and start a farm cidery in Minnesota.  
Nate is thankful for the crucial advice of apple growers like Bob Barthel and cider makers like Tom Oliver, plus plenty of books, classes, and batches upon batches of practice in the early days with Jim Bovino.  
When not growing apples or making cider, he can be found writing, putzing around, playing soccer, or wandering through the woods with he and Tracy’s most important crop- Tristan and Fiona.
UW Midwest Apple Growers Class
MOSES Organic University Orchard Course
Cider and Perry Academy
Appreciation & Sensory Analysis
Principles & Practice
Certified Cider Professional level 1


Born and raised in the upper Midwest on a small farm in the woods. Through young adulthood she developed a firm belief in hard work, the power of community, and a deep respect for the earth. After joining forces with Nate, they built their life around those philosophies, putting down roots (literally) in the Cannon Valley Region of Minnesota.  

Jump in and ask her about the detritus in the woods, or almost any nuanced question on the region.  It’s a great free education for the seekers and listeners.  

Orchardists in training, Tristan & Fiona, were born just before Keepsake and keep busy chasing butterflies and eating apples. When Tracy is not working on the farm, raising kids or slinging cider, she works as an Emergency Medicine Doctor.

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