Keepsake Cidery Tasting Room & Toastie Farm 4609 135th St E, Dundas, MN 55019

 We are open
 Saturday and

  |  Saturday 12-8pm    |   Sunday 12-6pm


We believe in supporting small, diverse local producers.

From the cheeses, breads and meats that make our melt in your mouth Toasties, to the vegetables and nosh dishes, we pair with our friends and nearby producers to fill your belly.

Simple ingredients well made.

Food is subject to Seasonal Availability
Nearly all locally grown and made


Cheese & Apple pairing
Mezze Platter
Olive Plate
Ploughman’s Platter – Salami, Ham, Cheddar, Pickles, grilled Bread, apple


Hummus w/ Crackers
Cheese Curds
Assorted Pickles
Selection of local cheeses and meats
Applesauce from our Orchard (seasonal)
Seasonal Soups


The Kiddo
The Big Kiddo
Ham & Swiss w/carmalized onions
Smoked Turkey & Cheese w/tomato from our farm
Shepherd’s way Brie and seasonal fruit/veggies on Ciabatta

Salami on Rye

Fionas Special


Seasonal Special

gluten free & Vegan options available



Weather the Storm

Many a storm has come through, but the dense foliage has helped protect our orchard, home, and tasting room.

We are a ZONE 4 growing region, meaning it can get pretty darn cold. Interestingly, it can also be extremely hot.  Weather and farming in Minnesota is a challenging roller coaster, but also contributes to great apple orchard health.

Frosty winters do a number on pests, aiding in organic farming practices.  Cool nights in the fall are perfect for apples.  The apples react to tough conditions in interesting ways, and you’ll taste it in our cider.

The Woods
Long ago our farm was buried by an ocean and the valley was created by glacial melt.  Our orchard is located on top of a bluff overlooking the Cannon River Valley. Our fertile topsoil rests atop sandstone, shale, and limestone. We can’t wait for our apple and grapes to get their roots down into the stone.

Surrounded by the Cannon River Wilderness Park, we are constantly in sight of old growth forest. Basswood, oak, maple, elm, and ash are the dominant species, but there is a diverse number of flora in the park, including the wild apple! The forest is a big reason we live here. We are lucky to have the protection from the wind and the constant calming presence that only a giant tree can bring.

A variety of species can be found here.  Deer, turkey, possum, raccoons, fox, butterflies, dragon flies, tree frogs, blue bees, leopard frogs, fox snakes, garter snakes, bald eagles, toads, rabbits, fire flies, pocket gophers, red tail hawks, bumble bees, and mosquitos are all neighbors who frequent or actually live on the farm.

Other less common neighbors are skunks, badgers, pheasants, praying mantis’, wood frogs, wood turtles, and great horned owls. All are welcome except for a few pests in the orchard.  In fact we gauge the health of the orchard and farm on how much wildlife we see!



All our apples are either grown by us, or produced in the region. We pay fair prices to our growers. This can be tough on the bottom line, but it is something we really believe in.








We host regular shows over the summer to bring in the sunset.

Please contact us to book an act.